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Dr.Baruch Falach

Dr.Baruch Falach on Jan 18, 2016

Dear Fellow Librarians and Patrons,

The book, "The Kobo Family and it's Rabbi's" is being sent these days to 3000 jewish Institutions of Higher Learning & Yeshivot as well as researchers in israel and throughot the world.

The book has come out in a hardcover ornate edition, printed on fine paper and comes together with a brochure and cd.

The book is a unique virtual database on one of the most illustrious families of Salonika's Jewry, in Greece, Bulgaria and Israel. A family which produced generations of famous Rabbi's in all areas of Judaism & Jewish literature. This book comes after many years of research supported by the (Babo) Kobo Family.

any academic institution which does not have the book and is interested in receiving it, or an institution which wants additional copies for its researchers is invited to sent me their email and good use and that it will be used as a basis for future research projects in Jewish studies. we will be happy to receive in turn your comments and blessings.

Most sincerely.

Dr.Baruch Falach


Hello, Dr.Falach,

Our Library Archive would be interested in receivind the book you...

Feiga weiss

I jost received the book about the Koubo family,

I thank you very much for this...

Jean-Claude Kupermine

Dr. Falach'

i would like to thank you for your generous offer and request that a copy...

yehoshua greenberg

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