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Feiga weiss

Feiga weiss on Jan 6, 2016

Hello, Dr.Falach,

Our Library Archive would be interested in receivind the book you posted:

The Kobo Family and its Rabbis.

you may sent it to my attention at the address below. we have a collection of books on Greek Jewry and this would be an excellent addition/

Thank you very much.

Feiga Weiss

Head Librarian

Holocaust Memorial Center

Zekelman Family Campus

28123 Orchard Lake Road

Farmington Hills, MI  48334


Hello, Dr. Falach,

I just received a copy of Mishpahat Kobo, Rabaneha...

Feiga Weiss

Dear Sirs:

On behalf of the library and archives of the American sephardi...

Randall C. Belinfante

Dear Fellow Librarians and Patrons,

The book, "The Kobo Family and it's Rabbi's" is...

Dr.Baruch Falach

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