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Feiga Weiss

Feiga Weiss on Jul 6, 2015

Hello, Dr. Falach,

I just received a copy of Mishpahat Kobo, Rabaneha u-Gevireha!  Thank  you! (Please disregard the email request below.) This book is an amazing work.  I don’t know how this came, but I thank you and the Defus ha-Ir ha-Atikah  for sending it.  It is a beautiful tribute to the Kobo Family and its Rabanim hashuvim. 


Feiga Weiss

Head Librarian

Holocaust Memorial Center

Zekelman Family Campus

28123 Orchard Lake Road

Farmington Hills, MI  48334


I jost received the book about the Koubo family,

I thank you very much for this...

Jean-Claude Kupermine

Dr. Falach'

i would like to thank you for your generous offer and request that a copy...

yehoshua greenberg

Dear Sirs:

On behalf of the library and archives of the American sephardi...

Randall C. Belinfante

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