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The Kobo family, It's Rabbis and distinguished leaders.

This book describes one of the most illustrious and distinguished families in the history of the Jewish nation. A family with wide ranging religious influence spanning over 400 years, in the fields of Kabala (Jewish mystical teachings) Jewish law, Chasidus and Jewish customs.

This book is being distributed as a gift to enlighten and stimulate the Torah world, academics in Israel and abroad: Book lovers, researchers of Judaism, Kabbalah scholars and the general public. This purpose of this work is to explore the history of this illustrious family. We have put forth the foundations and it is our hope that all who read this  work will continue to build upon what this distinguished family has accomplished in Torah, Kabbalah and all that it entails.

The Kobo family, It's Rabbis and distinguished leaders, Halakhists for ten generations.

After the expulsion from Spain in 1492, the Kabalists (rabbis who indulged in the study of the mystical aspects of the Torah) were dispersed to many Mediterranean countries: Italy, Turkey, the Balkan Republic, Israel and North Africa. The Rabbis of the Kobo family continued the tradition of the Spanish Torah scholars in study of  the Mishna, the Talmud,  jewish law and they continued developing concepts in the study of kabalah and the holy book of Zohar.

The Jewish Spanish scholars also added great contributions to all areas of science: medicine, astronomy, astrology, mathematics and exact sciences.

Along with their study and teaching of Torah, the Rabbis' of the Kobo family always conducted themselves in a holy and compassionate manner. The Kobo rabbis were involved with the teaching of Torat Hasod (hidden meanings of the Torah) and were giants in Torat Haniglah (the written and oral Torah). Together with their unwavering adherence to Jewish law, they incorporated in their lifestyle the customs of kabalah. The great sages of Israel and secular scholars, the very wealthy and the masses accorded the Kobo family great respect and awe.  Although that the Kobo family had great knowledge in both the written and mystic aspects of the Torah, they never-the-less did not publish books specifically on Kabalah . In their published works on Jewish law and homilies are scattered many concepts in Torat Hakabala. Many of them interpretations in the hidden meanings of Torah as it relates to the written Torah.

The great rabbis of the Kobo family, crowned with titles of honor in the jewish nation for the span of 400 years.

In the amazing discoveries that are uncovered in the presentation of this study, it is  impossible not to be enthralled with the immense greatness and knowledge that the Rabbis' of the Kobo family possessed in all areas of Torah study:  from the written Torah, to the hidden aspects of the Torah, from simple and basic interpretations to the  deep concepts of Kabalah, from Remez to Sod, from midrash  to practical law. It also demonstrates their understanding of the practical applications of Kabalah, a subject that only the greatest and holiest of our sages practiced and learned.

In addition, after reviewing hundreds of holy books written by some of our greatest sages on every Jewish subject: Jewish Law, drash, kabalah, bible commentary, legal queries, it became evident that many Torah scholars sought the guidance and acceptance of the Kobo rabbis for their writings and teachings. These approbations are expressed with great pride even amongst the most esteemed authors.

Hundreds of manuscripts from great Torah scholars quote the teachings of the Kobo Rabbis. It becomes obvious that the teachings of the Kobo Rabbis have become a cornerstone of Torat Yisroel.

 Throughout the ages, we see that the Rabbis of Kobo are revered with great honor and respect and are considered amongst the great Halakhists.


Approbations for this book:

Rabbi David Katz, Chabad Rabbi of London

HaGaon Rabbi David Basri

Rabbi Yehoshua Ben-Sushan

Rabbi Shlomo Moussayoff

 Dr.Baruch Pelech


The Klau Library

Of the hebrew union college jewish institute of religion


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